Wednesday, 1 March 2017

drifting magnetism

Once upon a time, you were my everything. The drift is now deepening, and the magnetism is now slimming.
Thinking of the fun times we shared, the dark times, and the crazy times as well. Now they're all thoughts and memories. One never to let go of anyway, because they mean a lot.
Reaching out has become so hard, so strange, so unfamiliar. Or has the way to reach out been forgotten?,definitely not. It's now just better than giving explanations which won't be avoided forever.
Are you hiding?, are you grieving?, are you deepening the drift purposely?. Don't really know and that's quite frustrating.
Never see you anymore, am forgetting you the more, the drift is deepening and the magnetism is slimming.
Just come out the door and bring down your walls if there are actually any.

Written by Mayowa Da-costa