Monday, 19 February 2018

Why won't you...?

Why won't you stay?
I never wanted you to leave,
Why won't you stay?
Hope is under my sleeves,

Why won't you call?
I yearn to hear your voice,
Why won't you call?
To be sure you remember me.

Why won't you knock?
The door isn't shut,
Why won't you knock?
Answer waits at the door.

Why won't you talk?
Silence kills faster than the sword,
Why won't you talk?
Your voice is amazing.


When it comes to you

When it comes to you,
There's nothing wrong,
When you're not with me,
Everything seems wrong.

What is caution?
It's useless with you,
What is emotion?
That's all there is with you.

Thoughts of you,
Is all there is,
Memories with you,
Is what makes me exist.

When it comes to you,
There's no crime,
When it comes to you,
I could commit crime.

Hope comes naturally,
Wherever I am with you,
Hope abides totally,
Wherever you are with me.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

What the future holds...

I had most of my life planned out at a young age and I was able to follow it up progressively for a long while. Once in a while, I added to the plan or I wrote off some things from it but then 😏😏😏it was pretty much my life and what I wanted from it.
This worked out fine until I grew alot more older with more responsibilities and with more mentors that I was accountable to,  so some new decisions were made and more got dropped 💧.
However it only became more complicated and complex but nothing beyond what I could handle 😁😁😁 and everything forces me to keep learning from the countless mistakes and keep pushing forward to a better version of myself 😎😎😎. Yes no one knows what the future holds but no matter what,  do not give up hope, hold on tightly to your dreams, and trust God on this one 👍👍👍

Saturday, 13 January 2018

not all that shines...

I walked down a particular road one night, it was a beautiful night and everything looked perfect. Along this road were others like myself, drawn to it's beauty from afar and they came closer like I did to partake of it.
There were attenders on this road attending to each and every one of us, making sure we were absolutely comfortable and we all relaxed and felt like we were finally home.
We ate, drank, laughed and even had educative and enlightening talks, our personal attenders shared with us their insights and secrets about life. I was amazed, I am naturally hard to please but I was pleased with everything here.
They told us we were free to stay as long as we wish but we should just be respectful to our attenders and accord them honour. Just honour and respect? That's funny, don't worry I'll give you double of that I thought in my mind.
It became daybreak and our joy seemed to break, it was all fading away! No no no, this cannot be happening, I just found such bliss last night and no its gone again. I tried reaching out to my personal attender and she says ;sorry dear, we cannot comprehend light.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

when your best is never enough

2017 came with trials,
Walking down different aisles,
Trying to run miles,
While putting up fake smiles.

Thought I did my best,
Thought now I would deserve rest,
Just discovered it was all a test,
Still need to find the treasure chest.

I am made of solid stuff,
I am ready to get tough,
I am ready no matter how rough,
My best was actually never enough.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

does smoking weed make you more creative?

A new study on the effects of smoking marijuana and its relation to creativity has some interesting results.
The study consisted of 412 marijuana users (they couldn’t find 8 more?) and 309 non-users, and they attempted to answer the question: Does smoking marijuana make you more creative?
Emily LaFrance, the co-author of the study and graduate student at Washington State University, says she first became interested in the topic when she noticed that a lot of her favorite artists admit they smoke marijuana. “This cannabis use was commonly thought to have been a cause of the creative success of many artists,” she explains. “I began to wonder about this commonly held idea – are cannabis users really more creative than non-users?”
The study is called “Inspired by Mary Jane? Mechanisms underlying enhanced creativity in cannabis users” and was published in Consciousness and Cognition. It examined the participants over a variety of areas including psychological tests, and measuring creative works and achievements.
Some major points from the study include:
  • Cannabis users were more likely to be extroverted and open to new experiences.
  • Cannabis users reported higher levels of artistic creativity, but not a higher amount of creative achievements or completed works.
  • Cannabis users performed better on a convergent thinking test (which tests creative problem solving).
Overall, they did find that those who use marijuana are more creative than their counterparts who do not use it, but when they dug deeper they made a startling discovery.
When the scientists included the personality traits into the data, they realized that these traits on their own could determine whether a person is more open to using marijuana, as well as drive a tendency to be more creative.
“Cannabis users may be more creative than non-users,” LaFrance says, “but this is not because using cannabis has increased their creativity.” She goes on to explain that it’s the fact that marijuana users “are more open to experience than non-users, and this openness to experience is associated with both cannabis use, and heightened creativity.”
So there you have it: if you smoke pot you’re probably more creative than people who don’t… but it’s not necessarily the weed that’s got your creativity going. It was you all along!
Note: This study was conducted with all subjects being sober, meaning none of them were under the influence of marijuana during the test.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

I am a teen not a weakling

         Being a teenager is a very tasking duty and an unavoidable phase in life. If one is to grow up and mature, then teenage years is the right time to prepare. Sadly, it is a very delicate period as well, due to the experimenting nature of teens in such years and due to lack of experience of the consequences of such experiments.
           As a teenager, mistakes are inevitable if we do not do the right things at the right time. We are no doubts exposed to a lot of garbage and our easy access to certain materials is our greatest temptation. Temptations do not come saying "hey, look at me! I am here to tempt and lure you into destruction" no they do not come that way but rather use more subtle means of approach that does not give room for you to even question yourself. These temptations are everywhere.
              The fact that you're a teenager and you are surrounded by wrong vices does not in any way mean that you are to indulge in them. You are a teen and not a weakling, you have strength in you to stay positive in the middle of negative people and actions. Being a teenager does not mean you live carelessly now and then later in future you can repent. There is so much strength and willful power in you that you can tap into if only you decide to.
              Being young is not an excuse to act stupidly, no it is not. Every action taken in life has its consequences, before taking an action, try asking yourself if you are ready for the consequences of that action and answer it truthfully. We are teenagers and that also does not mean that we have grace to act foolish for now and then get wise later on, we know the right things so let us endeavour to do them. It's never too late to retrace your steps and stand right, it's never to late to decide to become a responsible teenager or young adult. Say to yourself : I AM RESPONSIBLE.