Monday, 27 March 2017

becoming a woman (part 2)

So technically, realities of life began to dawn on me. I became more conscious about a whole lot of things, including my negative and positive traits.
I and my close friends would sit and gist about things interesting to us, and one faithful day, one of us brought up the topic of a new boy in our class, voicing out her admiration for him, wow, wow, wow, everyone seemed to go mute but after a while most of them seemed to consent about him being a fine boy, wow, I couldn't still come to terms with this until after a long while and well...talking about boys became a frequently occuring topic of discussion.
At this point, in my early years of secondary school, I became dissatisfied with my grades as I realised, beauty with no brains was a term no one wished to be addressed with and the seemingly beautiful girls who were intelligent seemed to get the most attention and well...I wouldn't mind a lil bit of that attention.
I became brilliant, beautiful and important in my own little way.
However, insecurities and wishes still prevailed, I wanted longer hair, little more height, wished I was a tad bit slimmer, and the list of my now irrelevant worries could have gone on.

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