Tuesday, 28 February 2017

gods amongst us...

Perfection is the goal,
miles away from it,
know not when I will reach it,
if I ever will, but,
Perfection is the goal.
Perfection is so sought for,
Nothing else is accepted,
Nothing less is appreciated,
Either it's perfect or it's not,
Perfection is so sought for .
Perfection must be attained,
It leaves you no choice,
Fight for it,
Kill for it,
Perfection must be attained.
Perfection isn't a god,
In the end,
No one really is,
It's just strived for,
Perfection isn't a god.

Written by Mayowa Da-costa
Inspired by Blez Tuna .  http://wp.me/p8r9Rq-r



  1. Perfection... Everyone wants a perfect partner but are they perfect themselves...❤..do they understand perfection? Those perfect people don't exist..❤..inspiring

    1. Yeah they don't, it's just a term coined up from our imagination literarily

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  3. Perfect people don't but every strives towards perfection. Only God is perfect