Monday, 27 February 2017

black is a colour...

Black is a colour...

Funny how we tend to associate black with negativity , without realising that it is actually what we make of it that it eventually becomes.
Yes, black can be beautiful, yes, it can portray beauty and positivity. Albeit, we never do, and that's just sad. Even when it's tied to negative things, we do not accept that it is our activities that have made it so, our activities have corrupted this icon, black, we have made it an icon of evil and negativity.
For some, black remains an attitude signifying boldness, beauty and strength.
Black is what you make of it...
Black is a colour.

Written by Mayowa Da-costa


  1. Interesting post you have there..Black is is beautiful... Black is bold

    1. Yeah that's right, before some people will just come and make you feel like it's a negative something