Saturday, 13 January 2018

not all that shines...

I walked down a particular road one night, it was a beautiful night and everything looked perfect. Along this road were others like myself, drawn to it's beauty from afar and they came closer like I did to partake of it.
There were attenders on this road attending to each and every one of us, making sure we were absolutely comfortable and we all relaxed and felt like we were finally home.
We ate, drank, laughed and even had educative and enlightening talks, our personal attenders shared with us their insights and secrets about life. I was amazed, I am naturally hard to please but I was pleased with everything here.
They told us we were free to stay as long as we wish but we should just be respectful to our attenders and accord them honour. Just honour and respect? That's funny, don't worry I'll give you double of that I thought in my mind.
It became daybreak and our joy seemed to break, it was all fading away! No no no, this cannot be happening, I just found such bliss last night and no its gone again. I tried reaching out to my personal attender and she says ;sorry dear, we cannot comprehend light.

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