Sunday, 26 November 2017

I am a teen not a weakling

         Being a teenager is a very tasking duty and an unavoidable phase in life. If one is to grow up and mature, then teenage years is the right time to prepare. Sadly, it is a very delicate period as well, due to the experimenting nature of teens in such years and due to lack of experience of the consequences of such experiments.
           As a teenager, mistakes are inevitable if we do not do the right things at the right time. We are no doubts exposed to a lot of garbage and our easy access to certain materials is our greatest temptation. Temptations do not come saying "hey, look at me! I am here to tempt and lure you into destruction" no they do not come that way but rather use more subtle means of approach that does not give room for you to even question yourself. These temptations are everywhere.
              The fact that you're a teenager and you are surrounded by wrong vices does not in any way mean that you are to indulge in them. You are a teen and not a weakling, you have strength in you to stay positive in the middle of negative people and actions. Being a teenager does not mean you live carelessly now and then later in future you can repent. There is so much strength and willful power in you that you can tap into if only you decide to.
              Being young is not an excuse to act stupidly, no it is not. Every action taken in life has its consequences, before taking an action, try asking yourself if you are ready for the consequences of that action and answer it truthfully. We are teenagers and that also does not mean that we have grace to act foolish for now and then get wise later on, we know the right things so let us endeavour to do them. It's never too late to retrace your steps and stand right, it's never to late to decide to become a responsible teenager or young adult. Say to yourself : I AM RESPONSIBLE.