Saturday, 17 February 2018

What the future holds...

I had most of my life planned out at a young age and I was able to follow it up progressively for a long while. Once in a while, I added to the plan or I wrote off some things from it but then 😏😏😏it was pretty much my life and what I wanted from it.
This worked out fine until I grew alot more older with more responsibilities and with more mentors that I was accountable to,  so some new decisions were made and more got dropped 💧.
However it only became more complicated and complex but nothing beyond what I could handle 😁😁😁 and everything forces me to keep learning from the countless mistakes and keep pushing forward to a better version of myself 😎😎😎. Yes no one knows what the future holds but no matter what,  do not give up hope, hold on tightly to your dreams, and trust God on this one 👍👍👍

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