Saturday, 17 June 2017

take a deep breath

          This is not a story about my life. It just features some of my experience. I am not perfect, infact, I feel like I am miles away from perfection, but perfection is the goal. I believe in chances, I believe in trying, I believe in never giving up but sometimes I become weary of trying and I indeed do give up. What is your definition of perfect?
            I have learnt to live, not just to exist because they are two different things. I also have not achieved this completely but I am learning to live and be happy. I live by doing what makes me happy. What do you live for? And what makes you happy?
             Sadly, I have made mistakes, I have done right things through a wrong way, I have failed at almost everything I thought I got right. All these have brought me pain, pain I always try to deny rather than let go of, but I have learnt now about how to let go. Letting go is beautiful and easy. What pain are you holding unto?
             I would not have come this far without help, God sends helpers and most times, they are in human form. One way or the other, humans help you get to where you should be, either through a wrong way or a right way, knowingly or unknowingly, but they would still help you out. Whose help are you refusing?

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