Monday, 12 June 2017

everything here is...

      It's been seven years since I last had contact with the living. I have been completely shielded from the activities of the living and from the living themselves. It's been seven years, seven years of beautiful loneliness, blissful sorrows, ravaging happiness. It's been seven years.
       I have been told to return to the land of the living because I have achieved my aim of coming here. I have successfully aligned my spirit with that of the thing inhabiting here. I have also lost some of my human traits, so i have to leave in order to save what is left of me.
        If it's upto me, I would remain here, I would give up the land of the living for this. I feel like this is where I truly belong, we truly co-exist I here, everything is connected In here, everything here... is cleansed.