Sunday, 1 October 2017

its independence day

📜October the sorry month of ember, Quite unfortunate you had to be together,
Isn't it wonderful you have something to remember, Come what may you would always be remembered.

1st of October is one of a kind .
It is rich in its own glory and has become something different of its kind.
1st of October I would never forget thee,
You have of a day made a country a great Nation.
 I will never forget thee and how our forefathers fought for something worth while on this very day.1st of October first of its kind.

1st of October I would never forget thee.
 The day our forefathers got the power to speak in there own languages.
 Many have fought  for this day and many have longed to see this day.
But here we all are enjoying the day our forefathers longed to witness.

1st of October the day green stood got something worth more than a colour.
 Uneven and independent from every other colour. There is no other colour befitting enough to express thy strength.
But yet it is a colour amongst other colours

1st of October the first of all ember.
The only say for a country so great to achieve independence.
The only day that people gather together in the proud colour of Nigeria.
 The only day Nations come together to celebrate with us as we age📜

WRITTEN BY  Anuoluwapo  aka  Akede Moana


  1. Nice write up. It made me think of how I can contribute my quota to better this country

  2. How patriotic.
    Nice one, Anu.

    Although it didn't have the 'mystic' touch.