Thursday, 31 August 2017

don't let me down

I'm crashing,
I've hit the wall,
I'm crying,
I've let tears fall.

I'm stranded,
I try reaching out,
I'm grounded,
I need to let it out.

I call out for help,
I realise no one is around,
I let out a sharp yelp,
I'm sinking underground.

I say your name aloud,
But you're not around,
Shout out your name,
You're not around.

I'm loosing my cool,
And air is running out,
I'll play the fool,
If only you come running out.

Don't let me down,
Don't take off my crown,
There's no one by my side,
Sharp pains run across my tide.

I need a miracle,
I need you right now,
I hope you're here when I need you most,
Don't let me down.