Wednesday, 26 July 2017

did I loose my soul? or did I loose souls?

I got lost,
I didn't know I was lost,
I was lost,
I didn't know I was lost.

I lived a life I loved,
I really did fall in love,
I thought I had found love,
I thought I had a life I loved.

I had a fixed gaze,
I had a burning haze,
I had fire in my soul's cave,
I was indeed brave.

I focused on my goals,
I forgot all souls,
I fixed my heart on gold,
I did loose some golden souls.

I truly regret,
I wish I can reset,
I would then change my mindset,
I would truly then be at rest.

I have lost so much,
I did gain so much,
I had so much goals,
I forgot the souls.